1. A Little Home.

    I watched as my father walked away, exploring the top deck of the ferry boat we had boarded, a small adventure on my short trip…home. I wondered what he was thinking about. Does he ever realize all he has accomplished? 

    Here on earth, we judge accomplishments with such subjectivity, but I wonder if he knows how amazing his life has been. Does he ever question the forty plus years in an office? Does he know he’s why I work as hard as I do? Does he know that though we look remarkably different, that I still want to be just like him? 

    And does he think about my mother like he did 37 years ago when she walked down the aisle? Does he know that they’re why I haven’t settled for a love that’s not…paramount. Do they know that I hope to share life with someone exactly as they still do?

    And I wonder about my mother, too.

    Does she think about my mistakes? Does she carry blame? Does she know that her heart is why I try my best to put others first? Does she know that she is my superhero?

    I often pray that maybe, just maybe, somehow I can be even just a little like my parents, a little like Jesus, that others will see through what was broken to a man who has been made whole again. Because only Jesus knows how many times I’ll need grace…only Jesus knows how to see me through.